Age of Shadow

Despite the Elves and Dwarf’s warning against it the strong headed and brash Dragonborn raced towards Dur’Kar’s forces. Hoping that an expedited attack would catch the Humans off guard and that they could put an end to Dur’Kar’s attacks as quickly as possible. Fate did not shine in the Dragonborn’s favor. The Human forces were well prepared for such an assault and quickly and violently crushed the Dragonborn forces and scattered the remaining Dragonborn to the wind. Devastated by this defeat the Dragonborn, as a race, would never fully recover.

History now waivers at this point. Some stories tell of Dur’Kar ascending to Godhood. His three swift victories over three different kingdoms garnered favor with the some dark forces that rewarded his progress with ultimate power. Other stories tell of an actual God taking over Dur’Kar’s mortal body. Still others speak whispers that Dur’Kar was a God all along. Whatever the case Dur’Kar and his forces left their newly conquered Dwarven Hold and returned to Moore. Here, now calling himself ‘The Lord of Shadow’, he took up his throne and declared the entire realm of Cyradul as his domain.

Messengers were sent to all corners of the land. Each delivered an ultimatum demanding fealty to the new Lord of Shadow or face obliteration. The Dwarves, seeing what happened to their brethren accepted the new rule, as did the Wood Elves, Giants, Halflings, and Gnomes. Only the High Elves and what was left of the Dragonborn stood against the Shadows. Within each realm stories tell of villages and small cities that tried to resist, but any that tried were viciously assaulted by demonic and shadowy creatures. The ghosts of some of these attacks still mark the land to this day.

War erupted through the land. The Wood Elves under the pressure of The Lord of Shadow assaulted their brothers to the north. At the same time a vast army of Humans, Gnomes, and Halflings assaulted the High Elves from the Great Plains of Cyradul. Much of the High Elves land was lost through out the conflict. Being pushed further and further back into the wetlands that were their homes. After a generation of conflict the armies fought to a standstill. To powerful to move the High Elves couldn’t push back against a multiple front attack. On the other side neither the Wood Elves, or the Human army could make any more headway into the lands of the High Elves.

For nearly a thousand years The Lord of Shadow ruled the land. During this time the skies remained mostly overcast, crops withered and cattle waned. In the north, the land of the Dragonborn withered away. Without their constant vigil to keep the denizens of evil at bay the north fell into a frozen wasteland. Only the most hearty, or foolish, of adventures dare travel into this realm and most only in search of lost treasures that once belonged to the Dragonborn.

Life was truly bleak… Then one day a Light arrived…

Age of Shadow

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