City of Moore

The Human capital is a massive and astounding feat of architecture that erupts in the middle of the Great Plains of Cyradul. It is not entirely known how Dur’Kar accomplished this feat, but somehow he was able to erect an entire city with three concentric circle stone walls in the middle of the vast flat plains. The entire city is comprised almost entirely of humans. While other races are allowed within the walls, there still seems to be deep running memories of the Age of War.

The inner stone wall is the tallest of the three. The inner wall stands one hundred feet and has guard towers spaced out every so often. It is said that no army has ever breached these walls. Protected on the inside is the Fortress of Moore and the Royal Grounds. These are the houses of all the royalty of Moore, as well as living quarters for their help. A small Garrison of Templars is also housed within this center.

The Middle wall stands at around eighty feet tall. This part of Moore is known as The Golden Ring. This is where a majority of Moore’s trade district is located along with the wealthy Merchants that run it. The more wealthy merchants own large buildings that have multiple floors piled with wares to sell. Other shops in the Golden Ring are nothing more than three walled open buildings that the owners sleep in to prevent theft. For the rest there is a large section dedicated for traveling or poor tradesmen that can set up a cart or simply drop down a blanket or rug to display their wares. Ever sense the Council of Light has led the lands of Cyradul and instituted common law through out the lands theft hasn’t been a huge concern, but a large majority of the cities forces are lodged in a military district within the Golden Ring.

The last wall is the shortest at only fifty feet high, but it is the thickest and has seen the most amount of reconstruction. At parts you can see very clearly where the wall has been breached and rebuilt. In recent years the stone to repair it has had to have been shipped in from the mountain ranges to the East. This is where the majority of the manual labor and rift raft of Moore preside. Known as ‘The Wracks’ dark and dank taverns, blacksmiths, armorers, stables, and the rest of the more looked down upon and dirty professions are contained within this outer ring.

Finally there is basically a ‘Shanty Town’ that has arisen around the outside of the great city. Here you will find primarily all races intermingling and living as one. There are only a handful of buildings that are more than one story, but most structures are simple shacks or lean to’s. It is rumored that you can find just about anything for sale or trade, as long as you have the coin to back it up.

City of Moore

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